The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Photography + Motion

Great outdoor photography starts with a love of adventure and exploration. Learn to maximize your skills and optimize your potential with this complete guide to capturing photos and video in the great outdoors. Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Ian Shive will go in-depth on how to create a story through stills and motion in any environment.

Through 20 lessons, Ian will cover scouting and planning, capturing photo and video, and understanding how to get an audience for your final project. 

For four weeks, Ian will be your outdoor guide to capturing the beauty and greatness in nature. If you have a love for nature or adventure, join this class to learn how to turn your passion and social media posts into profit or exposure. 


Learn how this shot was made


Photographing America's National Parks

Shooting and teaching from two of the world’s most pristine parks, Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier National Park, award-winning photographer Ian Shive will teach you new ways to create outdoor photographs that are powerful, captivating and fresh. 

You'll explore key elements of great outdoor photography including: composition, working a scene, selecting exposure, using filters to manage natural light, and scouting a great location. Then you'll learn how to put it all together to tell a story in a single image or series. After spending time in the field, Ian will move into the studio and present on the equally important tasks of managing and editing your work from the field.

Ian will show you how to capture images that are both technically and emotionally engaging. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn how to document the beauty of the great outdoors, in camera. This workshop is only available as a creativeLIVE eLearning package and includes over 35 individual videos and numerous bonus features. Click below to learn more or purchase.


Topics covered in the Course


  • How to prepare for a National Park shoot
  • How to scout locations
  • All you need to know about 
    andscape photography
  • How to work a scene
  • How to document campfire scenes
  • How to capture wildflowers and macros
  • How to capture and edit startrail images
  • How to photograph rivers and waterfalls
  • Ian's image editing workflow
  • How to sell your work 
Watching Ian go out and do a shoot and seeing the struggles makes him extremely relatable. He is an A+ photographer and very charismatic and knowledgeable. I found his style similar to mine and it only boosted my confidence that I’m doing it right! But I still learned plenty! He talks about things on a basic and an advanced level. So there’s something for everyone in this course. He is extremely generous with the information he gives. If you want to learn about nature photography and every aspect that goes into it, then this is the course for you. I really couldn’t recommend this class more. It’s the best one I’ve seen on Creative Live so far!
— Stephanie S.

User Reviews

If you are on the fence, get off that fence and go purchase this great course!!! You won’t be sorry.
— a CreativeLive user
This is my all time favorite course. Such valuable information
— polcott1
Ian Shive’s course has got to be the creme de le creme of Nature Photography courses.
— a CreativeLive user